District 2 Patricia Martin Crystal Prism Award

The District 2 Patricia Martin Crystal Prism Award was established by District Two of the American Advertising Federation. A very special award, it is given from the heart of the club and decided by the Board of Directors of AAF DC.

The District 2 Patricia Martin Crystal Prism Award recognizes the efforts of one individual without whose efforts the club would not be the success it is. The award is given to that person who goes above and beyond the call of duty, giving of his/her time selflessly for the advancement of the club.

Often described as the award for the “unsung hero,” the District 2 Patricia Martin Crystal Prism Award bestows the honor and the gratitude of the club to that person who has moved the club forward, without seeking reward or gain for him/herself.

It is truly a cherished award; not usually given every year. It is given only to those very few, very special, dedicated souls who nurture and grow our club.

Past Crystal Prism Winners

  • 2017  Joshua Belhumeur
  • 2007  Mike August
  • 2003  Barry Soorenko
  • 2002  Ron Owens
  • 1996  Stacey Friedlander
  • 1995  Judy Markoe
  • 1994  Raeanne Hyton
  • 1993  Barbara Westland
  • 1992  Virginia Ault
  • 1991  Lois Golden
  • 1990  Mary Tharpe
  • 1989  Paula Scanlon
  • 1988  Donald Ratliff
  • 1987  Gordon Dunlop
  • 1986  Ron Browne
  • 1985  Louis Limber
  • 1984  Mary Rankin
  • 1983  Douglas Jeppe
  • 1982  Webster Chamberlin
  • 1981  Rhoda Raider
  • 1980  Eleanor Lauer
  • 1979  Neal J. Edwards
  • 1978  Virginia Ellis
  • 1977  Dorothy Kerr
  • 1976  Sid Zins
  • 1975  Kenneth Tash
  • 1974  Warren Van Sciver

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